Zen interior is a good idea for people who seek for peacefully surrounding at their home. It will hep you to reduce the stress level and calm down your mood. The good news is the zen decorations are not expensive or hard to get. You can be creative and add many natural elements that you can get for free from your garden or maybe even you purchased it won’t break your bank account. The minimalism style of zen will indirectly teach you how to filter and more efficient in life.

Zen Interior Essentials Aspect

You can learn quickly about the principles of Zen interior on many books or sources on the internet. The main elements of Zen are the water, wood, fire, earth dan metal. If you can combine all of that elements in your house, you can get the harmonisation of Zen. The philosophy of Zen is how you can minimize the disturbance inside and outside of your soul. The application of Zen interior designs will make all your activities at home become quiet.

Zen Interior Tips Decoration

You can add more earth tone colors to Zen interior like creme, brown, or broken white. You can add more soft and natural fabrics for your cushion or rugs so it is earth friendly. The simplicity of Zen can applicative in the simple furniture design and your will decluttering your unused item regularly. Keep your house clean and sleek and give fresher scent from natural products. You can spray lemon grass or rainforest scent to your entire house.

The Zen interior ideas are inspired from nature so it will be perfect if you can put some plants or flowers inside your house. You can use it as a centerpiece at the dining room or the accessory of your coffee table. The other Zen essentials like water fountain, stones, paintings, or bamboo wall decal can be spread out all over your house. Please don’t get over accessorize because it will not match the spirit of Zen interior.