“Collecting things that you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story”
-Homeowner Erin Flett.

Initially your home is more like a blank canvas and eventually you have to start filling it in with the things and master pieces that will make it look more beautiful. In the hassle of creating a lively and lovely environment in our home, in the rooms, the living area, we often forget our bathrooms. One must not forget that bathrooms are an essential element of the house. If your restrooms as one may like to call it, are not well defined and good looking; it may leave a very bad impression on the people who visit your place.

We need to understand the fact that bathrooms are one place where we can relax wholly and need to feel our spirituality as a whole. It should be one place that allows us a sensational and sensual time. Therefore it shall be decorated and paid attention to as much as the other rooms in the house.
There are several ways to bring in a good interior to your bathroom and replicate your dream hotel like restrooms.

You can always start off with your sanitary ware, which now-a-days includes more of the wall hung accessories instead of the classical ones. The wall hung sanitary equipment gives your bathroom the royal look and a visually spacious impact.
To add in to the décor, one can always put up different wall hangings in the bathroom, made by you, or they are easily available at the market as well.
Be careful of what to keep and what not to keep on your wash basin. Do not over crowd it with unnecessary things and try to keep it as simple as possible. Try allocating the soap cases and a few holders and nothing more than that on the wash basin.

Put up separate cabinets for all your extra accessories that you require and place a separate cabinet for your electronic gadgets.
You can always add in a little furniture to give your bathroom the classy touch but try to keep as less of it as possible and just put in only the most important one.

Add towels and different decoration pieces that match the hues and color combination of your bathroom and don’t try to go too much in the contrasts. Use your creativity to make the necessary items of daily use look more extra ordinary. For example you can always make a DIY barrel towel holder and much more by reviewing and researching on the internet. The internet is loaded with different and unique ideas to make the interior of your bathroom look extremely fabulous.

All you really need to do is give the bathroom as much attention as you do to other rooms and areas of your house.
Once you are done decorating your bathroom according to your style and needs, you will have fun. Your bathroom will be a statement of royal luxury style and relaxation. Every trip to the bathroom will become worth while.