You can find this wonderful historical apartment in Istanbul. This building is created back in 1800s with the walls of stone foundation, this apartment narrates the history and combines all the authentic details in a very native and charming method. In the building only this apartment has separate entrance. There is a steel door which is original.

If you enter through this door, you will be in the duplex apartment of 2,000 square foot. You will see a welcoming dining place. When you are in the apartment, you will be amazed with the outstanding decoration like the brick walls which are exposed, house top pillars and apparent pipes. The designs specify the features of other rooms of the apartment.

The kitchen has the look of modern appeal. The varnished walls, the pillars, the piping, and the brightness fixtures indicates to a ritual design which preserves both original and own character. The kitchen with red cabinets represents a welcoming color with a neutral background. You can see French windows which are in small balcony outside the kitchen.

The same balcony also connects with the master bedroom, which is exceptionally cozy and has the convenient space equipped with a cover bed and beautiful closet. The stone walls, timbered doors and windows, the ceiling with Turkish arched and all the decoration just keep you amazed and make you crave for having same place with all the designs for your own place. In this apartment you will also find different kinds of natural materials.

They are used in creating fascinating features like the stairs made of stone, also the bathroom are made from stone, walls with antique wood floors. The bathrooms represents their rural environment as well as the classic design of Turkish. These all designs has been combined into an eye catching decoration that also suits a modern lifestyle.

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