It’s very interesting to visit the apartments that are situated in the historic buildings. They are very unique and interesting in look. This duplex apartment is situated in central Madrid, which is the capital of cultural and literary center. The building in which this duplex apartment is situated back in 1890 and originally it was a brothel called La Petit Venice.

It was rebuild and turned into this awesome apartment. This specific duplex apartment has been fully modernized by the structural firm named James Benavides. You will keep praising James for making this place so outstanding after visiting this apartment. The recent state of the duplex apartment represents an exclusive decoration.

There’s an exclusive style in the interior design of this apartment, by using different types of materials like acrylic, wood, cane or iron. Also, different kind of textures are been used and unique colors has been added in the decoration. In order to combine accurately with every design, the ceilings and walls have been dyed white.

It is like a blank canvas where anyone can modify the decoration on in own choice. During the rebuilding process, some of the original designs has been protected, like the doors, the windows and the wooden pillars. While rebuilding the wooden floor, it was tried to recover but it was it was replaced by a modern oiled oak floor covering. Many Modern designs are also available in this apartment.

The furniture, cabinets and fittings of bathroom and kitchen all are designed with modern decoration. You can enjoy the both antic and modern design in this apartment. You will be amazed with the decoration and crave for the design for your own place. In a short this apartment is the beautiful place combined with ancient and modern decoration. You will have a new experience.

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