The term of kitchen! Everybody definitely knows about the function and the term of the kitchen. Kitchen becomes a room that is really important in the house. This is to be the important thing because it has function to cook, to meet your stomach need for doing daily activity. The design of the kitchen itself has lots of varieties, ranging from minimalist, classic or elegant. However, the most of people are reluctant to set white kitchen decoration. They argue that white does not match in kitchen, because the color is easy to get dirt. For you who are hesitating to use white color scheme, you must be changing your mind by now because there is a great design of white color which is really elegant.

If you have large kitchen area, you can use it to be multifunction area. It may be sounds impossible if you set the kitchen and combine it with sofa and storage, but this is real and smart kitchen design for you who have large area. Besides of dining table, White kitchen decoration is also able for you to set a corner sofa near the window. The design uses pure white color scheme in every part of the room, so that your kitchen will look really cozy and warm. Moreover, by the presence of wide window, it will give you nice lighting effect from the sun. You can also enjoy the greenery view of the garden.

The accessories you can use in this kitchen are pendant lamp to add elegant impression. There are also smart storage place you can set in the corner to put any household stuff. This white kitchen decoration absolutely gives you lots of function in one room; you can cook in comfortable kitchen and talk with your family or friends in comfortable sofa. This is so perfect kitchen décor.

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