The Twenty-first century: the century of modern physics and the era ruled by science. An era in which – thanks to Thomas Edison – light isn’t just another form of energy consisting of photons travelling in straight lines. No sir indeed. Light has become more than a necessity – these days: it is more of a commodity. Tube lights, bulbs, electric savers, chandeliers, you name it – ah, illumination and its easy access.

Lamps, however, still manage to stick around. In fact, they have managed to stick around for longer than dinosaurs and are still considered to be the platonic beauty they were once. Lamps, lampshades and bases have not yet lost their charm and are still pretty much in vogue. And why not? They look elegant, serene, and tranquil. Lamps are an unconsciously preserved symbol of archaic traditions and give off a strange sense of convention – which isn’t half a bad thing.

Among lamps, too, the most trendy of all has remained the white lamp. Good Lord, racism in lamps too? That’s utterly wrong, we will protest for black and brown and Asian lamps!
Yes, that was a joke. The thing with white lamps is that they are used in specific locations – such as in bedrooms, master bedrooms, clandestine chambers, or where ever you want to add a romantic touch. Because white lamps give off a strange feeling of softness and serenity and even passivity at times. They have this soothing effect on you if placed against a matching interior. Lamps and lampshades that are white in color have got that classic svelte look that appeals so much to the mind. Lamps of these kinds give off a strange but not at all bad feeling of calmness and tranquility.

White also may have many variations such as milky white, off white, cream white, snow white, or white with a touch of pink. These days, cream with a touch of peaches is quite in vogue – and who doesn’t love peaches and cream? White lamps suit best to the given environment due to the ability of contrasting extremely well with all mannerisms: contemporary, mixed or traditional.

These white lamps work best with a background or with an interior that contrasts them well – for imaging eating chocolate ice cream topped with chopped chillis, or chicken tikkas topped with rice pudding – yeah, just like that, lamps if not used in contrast give a beyond tasteless feeling. However, the best thing about white lamps is the variety of hues available in them and the ability of those hues to get along with almost all other colors of this world. They look best in an all-white interior, or better when used against gold.

Yes, we said white and gold, and not black and blue. White also works great with taupe, turquoise, lilac, lemon, lime, and other light, tropic colors if the intent is a brighter interior. That’s the thing about white: it goes as well with traditional and subdued as it does with contemporary and bright.
White chic. . . oops, we mean, chic white lamps are chic and that’s a fact – and no, we’re not being racist for lamps are not a race!

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