Whenever spring is here, it calls for outdoor gatherings and meet ups. All eyes are on how you present and decorate your outdoor in a party or a gathering.

However, the main focus remains your table. Whether it’s a festival, birthday party or a family oriented gathering like thanks giving etcetera, your table will be the main focus of attraction. This is because everybody sits there to chit chat and has a nice time or a reunion.

Following are some ways to set your table and decorate it according to the event or occasion and tips on what will make your guests happy:

• A successful party doesn’t demand more than just simple food, an enjoyable company and a pleasant and elegantly set sitting arrangement.

• Put up thick cushions on the chairs in order to help the guests to stay their longer and wouldn’t let them leave earlier as it creates comfort.

• Avoid table cloths and lay table mats on the table in order to make it look elegant. If there are chances of a messy party lay brown craft paper across the table. It will look decent and will help you clean up easily later on.

• Do not put a lot of decoration pieces on the table, keep enough space for people to lean in and stay comfortable.

• Place an umbrella over the top, not only will it create shade, but will also define your outdoor table set up.

• Try to keep simple food on the table or plan a bar B. Q. No one likes to eat heavy during the summers so don’t worry about stuffing your table with food.

• Wind can always create a problem, make sure to make it less of an issue by eliminating the table cloth as mentioned before and adding heavy weight dishes so they do not flip over a create a mess.

• If the gathering is large and the table is small, you can always repurpose indoor furniture for your party to create a wider and better arrangement.

• If your lawn or the backyard is very big and you worry that setting up a table in the middle will not help much, you can always arrange multiple small tables around different places in your backyard or lawn and encourage the guests to roam around as well.

• Do not fill up your table with side essentials. Stock up a bar cart to place glasses, plates, spoons, ice cube holder etcetera so that you can roll it back to the kitchen if you run low.

• In summers, flowers make up a very nice and decent center piece. All one needs to do, is trim off the extensions and extra stems and voila! A great center piece.

• Summers are for vibrant and bright colors. Opt for a hue scheme that is pleasant and refreshing visually.

Keep these simple steps in mind and you can create the best outdoor arrangement that will be appreciated by all your guests, because at the end of the day, it’s the little things and the environment that counts for a good celebration or a festival.

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