Bathroom is not just a place of your sink, shower and bathtub. Some says that you can look on the level of care in someone if you take a look how he / her taking care of their bathroom. So, you need to organize your bathroom well. The first thing to do on the list is taking care of the storage of your toilets. Sometimes, you just store your toilet in the shelf or the cabinet near your sink, right? You must try this new lovely and bright idea to change the atmosphere of your house and being the nice provider by thinking the new alternative to your bathroom storage.

You need to place your toilets according to their genre. You can’t place the soap with the tooth paste. Place the soap with soap, if you combine it with other product, the aroma of the other things will mixing with the fragrance of your soap. So keep your bathroom storage organize by the kind of your toilet. By that you can easily find it if there is a time you forget about the place of your storage. You just have taken a look of your storage and it will not owe you a big time for finding the place of your toilets.

You can use a jar, basket or wood small cabinet as your bathroom storage to place your toilet. To make a creative and bright look in the room, you can take a wood ladder as your alternative storage. It will give you a rustic and fresh atmosphere. You can design it in a minimalist style if you don’t have a spacious space for your storage. You just have to be a creative in finding a space and choose the right media for your toilets. Let’s get you best storage!


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