What can you do when you have to get kitchen in your house or apartment that you buy or rent with no windows in it? Chelsea Hing, an Australian interior designer, designed that kind of kitchen. Look at the kitchen! They are very bright and bringing such a joy. Do you wonder how this kitchen is constructed?

This kitchen is basically divided into three areas which each area has its uniqueness. In the cooking area, you can see cabinets made from stainless steel with complete kitchen aplliances. The backsplash of the cooking area looks so minimalist ad shimmering. A perfect combination of colors between white and grey! There is a mirror placed on walls to make the kitchen spacious enough and bright.

The island of the kitchen is made from stone material on its bench-top. A place for breakfast is also designed on the island with a small size. The flooring of the kitchen is also complementing the natural and warm feeling offered intentionally by the kitchen designer. Eventhough there is no windows, the coloration and mirrored walls help the kitchen look very bright and airy. This kitchen is another example on how you need to strategize your kitchen for your own comfort.


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  • Stunning design for stylish kitchen with wooden accent decoration with modern kitchen appliances with white cabinetry and stainless steel cooktop: