It is always fun to find a way to store all your belongings in clean storage. The next mission is whether you can also create a nice wall decoration at home or not. This Opencase Wall System originally created by an American manufacturer, Henrybuilt, is one of the most fascination ideas to check out because of its multifunctional feature. As it stands as a usual wall shelf, it can also be a piece of wall art since it is designed uniquely without any vertical shelf supporting. Storing almost any of life needs, this one is going to be very useful.

Opencase Wall System is made from a perfect mixture of aluminum, woods, and laminate. The wall shelf is absolutely going to be the focal point of the room where it is placed since the looks that it gives you is interesting. Of course, the materials that are used are undoubtedly certified and having the quality you can trust. The overall look of the shelf pops out beautifully in natural color of the wood. The uncommon yet amazing view you can get is the natural wood carvers that is left uncovered with any painting. The horizontal-only shape is highly impressive, too.

All you can see is horizontal blocks of shelf on the wall supported by nails, and that is quiet uncommon shape for a shelf. Therefore, if you are currently in the urge of having safe storage with different design, the Opencase Wall System is totally your best choice. The thinner shelf block is able to be put your books, photo frames, and hats on. The thick block one is going to be the base of your shoes, sweaters, or even sewing machine. The set is equipped with round bullet and mini hook to hang your bag and jackets. Perfect uniqueness!


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