The living room is place where people hang out together specially you and your guests. So one thing you have to make sure that the place should look fun, and should entertain people without compromising on comfort and functionality.

The place should have nice decorations and style attached to it. You can afford to experiment with living rooms but make sure that it must suit it. For this ‘freshome’ is ready to take you a through a series of pictorial ideas to let you the latest trends and how simple things can freshen up your whole living room and make that place desirable and comfortable both for you and also for your guests.

There are 26 designs showcasing unique and different ideas. But all with something in common like the modular sofas, open racks, nicely designed countertops and center tables, sleek sideboards etc. Other than that the uniqueness lies in space management, natural and artificial lighting, comfortable chairs, entertainments avenues, color schemes, colorful accents and most important functionality.

There are ideas of living rooms considering all shapes and sizes like round living room, square living room, corner living room, loft living room, small living room, large living room, wooden living room etc.

If you have a living room which is very big with ample of natural light coming from huge windows then don’t experiment with the light, let the natural light do its magic. Use light colors to enhance the effect of natural light. Use modular sofa. Play with the colors of the curtain, floor mats, color of the sofa etc. Use sleek simple couches and chairs, centre table. Install lot of wall paintings. It will definitely improve the character of your living room.

An all white living room looks classy. It instills a sense of elegance. White sofas, white walls, white lighting in conjunction with color accents from curtains floor mats, flowers, wall paintings will not only just look impressive but it will also showcase cleanliness and extreme comfort. White curtains, candles, experimentation with lights will also look superb. A white and black contrast living room is also a nice idea to implement.

In a round living room the main point of focus should be the sofas. Round sofas will look good accommodating a majority of your guests. Use of neutral color is the way to go. Use of wood, colorful walls will also enhance your favorite living room.