The Dezanove House is located near the sea, so you can imagine how great the view is. This house is located in Spain, to be exact in A Pobra do Caramiñal. And to make it more interesting, the building incorporates unique structure and set up. It was designed in 2012 by Iñaki Leite.

If you see from a far, you may find this building quite odd and strange. The overall look is boxy and square-ish, and it seems that the house is built with stacks of bamboo put together. But if you want to look closer, the traditional hut-seem-like design is combined with new modernity and exclusive setting, so there is nice combination as well as harmonious balance here. If you come closer, you will see that under those stacks of bamboo and wood, there are big glass sliding doors and walls that will make this house very modern and exclusive.

The glass wall is great to allow natural lights come flooding in. not to mention that it is facing the sea, so you can enjoy the peaceful and marvelous view of the blue sea. Everything about the house is about comfort, coziness, and convenience. If you like hanging out with friends or families, you can sit on the living room facing the outdoor setting. But if you want to enjoy the warm air, you can go outside and sit on the wooden porch. Sit on the floor and enjoy cold drink in the afternoon.

The interior part of the house is incorporating open space design where there is no partition between one room to another. Feel free to roam around as you feel homey and cozy there. When it is a bit chilly, cuddle around the fireplace and look outside as there is glass wall in front of you. Life would never be so cozy and warm!

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