Located on the Swedish capital, Stockholm, an artistic loft studio has been designed charmingly by a Swedish Artist, Carouschka Streijffert. This building looks like a penthouse with a U-shaped. It has big O windows which book shelf covers its room. A convenient sofa is put in the middle of the room for making the people convenient while reading books. Bright lighting makes this room larger than its original size of 957 x 600. White color dominates the building, including its wall and interior furniture. This building has second floors with small fences.

A flat television is suitable for this penthouse design get along with long shelf below. CDs or Cassettes can be saved inside the shelf that easier the families to enjoy the entertainment shows. A sofa is put on the corner to give chance for the owner or other families keep focusing on watching television while other people come in. The first and second floor is connected with a circular stairs made of iron and painted in black for classic look. It looks highly artistic and greatly matching with the dominated white wall paint. Then, coming to the bathroom and you will find beautiful round white bathtub.

Seeing the kitchen, it is on the attic roof with long tables for eight people on the dining room. It makes the room perfect for family dinner. This room warms kinship of the family members. Lighting is always considered highly by Streijffert by seeing two lamps look like shower on the kitchen. Coming to second floor, working place is the main room that’s offered with a balcony for possibly searching any inspirations that is connected with a glass door. This place is spacious allowing several tables and cabinets to put and store any items. Great thing is the area has big window to let the sunshine goes through inside the room every day.


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  • two modern chair with a yellow coloring and a black sofa also a large glass window complete with a big flower vase on the black table: