What kind of apartment that you want to have? Here are several trends of apartment designs in 2015. These apartments are accentuated based on its exclusivity. Are you curious? Let us see what is the specialty of each apartment.

If you want to live with current trend that leads to minimalism, then what you have to look at is a home design that has minimalist coloration, for example black and white loft in Prague or ageless apartment in black and white. In this kind of coloration, you can decorate the whole apartment freely with a bit touch of colorful tones. Some minimalist fans are also looking for futuristic tone for their apartments, then you may see a stunning studio with minimum artistic and futuristic apartment in high technology designs.

However, when yo want to bring back nostalgic moments in modern society, all you have to do is combining those eras’ character. You can see the combination of rusticity and modernity in Stockholm apartment, industrial and ethnic loft in an old warehouse, or even jungle-inspired apartment.

Last but not least, the fact that you love Scandinavian mood can be represented by bright coloration of your apartment. You can see from aury loft in industrial building, Brooklyn apartment in bright accents, and Manhattan micro loft. These apartments make you feel like you have spacious apartment even if you don’t.


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