California is famous for breathtaking natural the woods you can see some little and cute cabin. The cabin was assembled in 1968 in the forests of Dorrington, California. It took years to rebuild the cabin and now it has the look of modern design with unmistakable country charm. The moment you step inside the cabin, the surrounding becomes comfy and acceptable.

The cabin is small but very simple and elegant in design. The cabin has the unique design of A-frame which gives a look alike of tent, with amazing structure and better lining. A stove which is made of cast-iron is the main attraction of the drawing area. The drawing and dining space are defined by colorful rugs. The kitchen window lets the natural sun- light in the cabin. Here you can see the cupboard are made of wood but the washing area is made with modern design.

Divided shelving moderately solves the basement problem. The drawing area is elegant but cozy and comfortable. It has connection to a beautiful balcony, from there you can enjoy the amazing natural surroundings. An isolated staircase leads the way to the second floor. There is a study place with a balcony. This study room is very pleasant room. You can spent whole day without any problem with your favorite books.

The sleeping room is small but the bare beams gives the bedroom a cozy look. There is a cute little window in the bedroom which allows the morning light in the room. A wood-made staircase guides your way to upstairs where the bedroom and study room is situated. And you will get an amazing balcony as a bonus. The outside of the cabin is signified as a disguise in the forest .The spacious deck is the excellent relaxation place during summer days.

The timber is responsible for making the cabin look warmer and appealing. Also, the internal design is alluring as well. The furniture of the cabin also are made of woods with modern design. The living space is the big space of the cabin. Here all the furniture is wooden and matched with the look of the whole this cabin is just amazing.

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