There are so many things which are important for you to be considered well when you are going to choose and decide the staircase design. The first thing is the most ultimate thing that is budget because it will determine your material kinds and spaces that you will build a staircase on. You need to plan the budget well when you have much money then get bigger staircase with the more decorative styles.

Second, consider the safety, comfort and homeowners. You need to consider the staircase with landings and handrails which are so safe moreover if you have little children, it will be so advisable. This is so important because if you are not comfortable and do not choose the safe design, it may danger the others and can result badly, choose the wide stairs with the less steep climb so it will be more comfortable for anyone with any height even for kids. Consider comfort and safety is indeed so important.

Third, choose the designs, there are so many designs from L shaped stairs or U shaped stairs. The designs from straight, half turned, quarter turned or even spiral. For the designs, you need to adjust it with the spaces and functions for example spiral staircase will save spaces more and straight one will require more spaces.

Fourth, the materials for the staircases are important. There are so many materials such as timber, marble, steel, concrete or even glass for the treads. For example glass is so elegant, minimalist and indeed modern so it is suitable for those who have modern homes.

You also need to consider the regulations in your house such as height, depth and the pitch of your stairs because each house has its own regulations so obey the existed regulations in each house will be better.

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