As one of the most important parts of the house, the decoration and embellishment should be well considered. The decoration will bring the theme and style of the house even more alive and perfect. And for that, you need to have suitable space to place the decoration.

You cannot let the decoration lying around everywhere. And as one of your option, there is the wooden wall shelf that you can use for the decoration display. There will be so many styles and shapes of the wooden wall shelves that you can have.

There is the square and tiff shape of shelves. And there is also a unique shape of wooden shelves. If you are using the shelves, you need to make sure that the shape will be suitable to the decoration style that you use. For example, for cheerful and colorful decoration the unique shelves could be more suitable while the square shelves will be more suitable for the elegant decoration.

As for another consideration when choosing the shelves, you need to choose the suitable color. You can have a light brown color for a bright theme room. As for the dark brown color, it will be more suitable for the elegant as well as vintage theme of room. Furthermore, you can also have the colorful wooden shelves. It will be highly suitable for the cheerful and colorful decoration in the children room or in the bright and fun theme of a living room.

For the perfection of your wooden wall shelves, you need to have suitable placement for the shelves. Because, the placement will determine how your shelves will be able to perfecting your house. For example, you can place them in one of the walls, so it can be a centerpiece of your room. And then, for a more artistic impression, you can mess the placement a little bit so it will be unique and not boring.