The bathroom has been a place for experimentation for a quite a long time. Interesting ideas, unique designs all play their part. Nowadays bathrooms reflect the aesthetic appeal of the whole house. If it’s a modern looking house, then the bathroom should also look the same. Moreover, bathrooms are designed on the basis of themes matching the whole house.

‘Altamarea Bathroom Boutique’ is an Italian brand who exclusively designs bathrooms and related equipment. They are a single stop platform for your entire bathroom or washroom related issues. With a single view in mind, that is to provide you with the best new and unique bathroom designs ‘Altamarea Bathroom Boutique’ has come up with ideas relating to vintage themed bathrooms and ‘freshome’ is showcasing all the things mushroomed in one single window so as to inspire you and help you with designing your own bathroom. So let the inspirations flow.

‘Altamarea Bathroom Boutique’ in this vintage themed bathroom designs included a unique and exclusive range known as ‘Must’. ‘Must’ is a super exclusive and fascination range where contrasting decors and objects can transform your bathroom completely from a standard to a genuine vintage-like bathroom in no time. ‘Brown Onyx’, ‘Paonazzetto’, ‘Fior di Pesco Carnico’ are very precious materials and marbles. Yes, they didn’t even hesitate to use those. The design just oozes sophistication and elegance.

The main design philosophy behind Must is the vintage change especially handcrafted. To portray that this one of a kind boutique used unique mirrors along with vanities with a shabby retro finish, gorgeous marble countertops thanks to ‘Fior di Pesco Carnico’ marbles, ‘Paonazzetto’ and the ever elegant ‘Brown Onyx’. They have taken care of every minute detail and left nothing in all their ideas.

Coming to all their ideas of the cabinets, in one word the boutique wanted the cabinets to look classy and as usual it looks classy with wood finishing. The retro shabby looking paint scheme in all their designs beautifully compliments the wooden cabinets and the sanitary components.

The countertops are not just limited to marbles; colorful designs regarding it are also there. The use of uniquely shaped mirrors in conjunction with dramatic lighting from elegant lamp shades fulfills all your desires. It is just pure innovation and sophistication.
This Italian brand has left no stone unturned with their designs. Their designs are just simply impressive!

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