‘Kitchen Islands’ are a new trend in the world of kitchen designs. With kitchens being the center of attraction for almost every home, it is now a must-have thing inside a kitchen. Not only does Kitchen Islands look beautiful but it also manages to be super functional and beneficial in the long run. It is considered to be a really good investment in doing and designing a separate island inside the kitchen, recent studies have also shown that a majority of people wants a ‘Kitchen Island’.

So do you have less storage space or less counter space? Do you need more working space and appliances? Do you have a lot of space on your floor plan? If the answer is in the assertive, then you should definitely consider designing a Kitchen Island.

Designing an island inside your kitchen is a very tricky idea as it takes a lot of space in your kitchen, if you want to add a storage place, then that island should be designed in such a way that it could store all the tit bits. So if you want add more counter space in your kitchen do think of anything else than a Kitchen Island because the main motive behind an island tucked up in a kitchen is to add more space to keep objects, utensils, workspace etc.

The counter space should be designed keeping in mind that it should add value to the kitchen by means of enough space for cooking or rather extra cooking space and extra space for preparation of meals. The countertop of the island can be of any material from glossy marbles to matt finish marbles, wood etc.

It is recommended to go for glossy marble as it won’t get damaged when you will keep hot utensils over it. Colors can be of your choice, but contrasting colors will suit it and attract more attention. Apart from the storage advantage you can add chairs around the island transforming it to a workstation or a dining place anytime. Such is the functionality and utility of the thing.

Another thing which you can do is make it a multi-storey island with appliances in the down and the counter top over the appliances. This will ensure much more utility and functionality. All in all you can experiment with lots of things like lighting, lamp shades over it, put in accessories to make the island more interesting.

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