One more about the elegant lamp, it is a lamp that made from natural materials. The innovation of this natural lamp is a stripped standing lamp, a creation of standing lamp by Floris Wubben. It is a standing lamp consists of a piece of wood. The lamp shades are made from layers of wood original or genuine leather. Then, it exfoliated and used as a bandage wood.

Those natural elements of Stripped Standing Lamp have natural components like wood, branch, bark, stem and genuine leather that are created in a natural sculpture. So, the lamp gives natural essence of soft and calm light. Stripped Standing Lamp is easy to use and place wherever you want. You can place thin in your lovely bedroom. It will accompany you in your nice sleep. It also can be placed in the dining room. It will become a nice lamp in your romantic diner. This creative design of Stripped Standing Lamp that is designed by Floris Wubben is not only has specific usage as the lamp. It is also can be a decoration in home.

This unique design of this Stripped Standing Lamp is combined with the natural wood and modern technology electricity. It will be nice that this cute lamp become the decoration in the open yard or outdoor or in terrace. Naturally, with the natural component of Stripped Standing Lamp can perfect either interior design or outdoor design in your home.


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