The home in Rotterdam designed by Kolenik encourages luxurious lifestyle. Really, with the modern decoration and stunning home interior, you will feel durable staying in this home. When you step your feet, you will be welcomed by the stunning door with embossed pattern. The black color is used to create gothic touch. For further detail, scrutinize below idea.

The gleaming and overwhelming lighting is adorned in the living room through the wave pendant lighting. The furniture such as the sofa, ottoman, rug, and pillow are chosen with silver color to have matching view. The freestanding fireplace turns in the wall produces cool warmth. The sophisticated appliance in the dining room is equipped to get comfy dining. There are stainless cabinet with the electronic system, the smooth table with the root as wood stem as the legs, and comfy chair. The LED lighting is used in the ceiling to get fantastic spout.

The kitchen is also equipped with the stunning tools to get outstanding cooking. There is cupboard with electronic system and stainless kitchen island. Turning to the bathroom, the immaculate screen is used to comfort your soak and cool bathing. The chromatic pattern in the wall is used to affect the sensational sense. So leave your doubt to stay in this home!

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