Interior designing is a very famous verse now. Interior designers and interior design firms are thriving and are dedicated to offering you with all your design related services. Living rooms constitutes the integral part of a household. Gatherings, meetings, parties etc are done especially in a living room. So the importance of a good, comfy, stylish and functional living room is sky high.

‘Alf Da Fre’ is an Italian Interior design company who are experts in their field. If you are a modern Italian Interior designing fan or lover you are at the right place because ‘ceridianindex’ is here to showcase some of the ‘Alf Da Fre’ designs so that you get unique ideas to overhaul your current living room and completely transform it to a beautiful contemporary living room.

The ideas provided are extremely unique, the designs will you serve with functionality, style, and the much-needed exclusivity. The most eye-catching feature or rather the most important feature is the usage of minimalistic objects and furniture which helps in space management.

Almost all the ideas have this thing in common. Wall racks and open cabinets save a lot of space without compromising functionality and storage space. The designs look good with color schemes matching each and every living room. There is ample use of wood in racks and cabinets with finishes of both wood and color.

The color palette is an important part of any room design. The main formula of making a living room look good lies here. The colors used in these ideas are mostly neutral with contrasting accents. The base is mainly white and gray with blue, black, and beige accents coming from sofas, chairs, wall racks, floor mats, and curtains. This design formula gives an airy and open feel to all the living rooms. It also gives a sense of coziness and sophistication.

The designs make use of trendy accessories which attracts eyeballs. The accessories include decorative pieces, flower pots with colorful flower, superb wall paintings, unique lamp shades, cozy couches and relaxing chairs, sleek tabletops, countertops, colorful floor mats etc.

Along with top end appliances and entertainment systems, these accessories play a vital part in making your living room design lively and fresh. The designs and ideas showcased by this firm revolve around this particular mantra which really suits your idea of a contemporary living room. So just let the inspiration flow!

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