Green is one of the fresh color based on most people’s opinion. Like you can see for the leaves’s color that is green. You can try it for your flat interior design. The green color touches for flat interior design is a good idea to apply. You can apply it maybe for the furnitures, wall paint or other important parts in your flat interior design. So, it gives a certain impression for your special rooms.

You can see the first picture for the living room design. The combination of grey color and green is perfectly matched. With a cool wall painting illustrated grey scenery of a place, it looks rather classic but very interesting. The carpet uses the light green color which is same with the desk lamp color. The sofa also uses the combination of green and grey color, grey. The green shadow behind the grey color makes an amazing match.

For the kitchen, this color is also can be used for the kitchen furnitures. The white domination color for the kitchen is better matched than the grey. The other examples for your flat design is that you can also combine the grey color with the other color touches like pink, or purple. It can be applied in your bedroom or bathroom.


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