The future demand comes bigger everyday and it also is equal to our productivity. We need the where the thoughts for the future collect in one goal. Of course, we need a marvellous headquarters for the world thinking in facing this global development. One of the headquarters design which is very marvellous, you can of the pictures below. Designed by YLAB Arquitectos, this design is dominated by white theme. Although just white, it gives you a wonderful inspiration with the combination of other elements.

We can start from the front office. The front office table uses zigzag curves and white color which gives the futuristic character. The wall behind the front office table uses the brown streaking panel. The number of ceiling makes th headquarters more sparkle. The using of wide toughened door is very elegant to apply. There also many blue chairs which is compatible combinated with white color. You can also take another ceiling lamp, like the prism ceiling lamp with grey color.

The addition decoration to make it more elegant is also very important. You can also add the decoration like the brown varnished tree’s root. Besides, it evokes contamporary and futuristic theme, it also evokes the spirit on it.


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