Usually you just use the shelf as your storage, right? You can try this new alternative as your display storage for your home interior. This fabric shelf wall will be look so differently according what kind of things you put in there. It will create a new and fresh shape into your wall interior design. Because it will be have a new shape if you place different thing on the top, it will give a new atmosphere and dynamist innovation into your lovely room. You d not need to spin your head around if you have this helpful fabric shelf for your wall.

The fabric that used in this shelf is the strong and the sturdy one. So you do not have to worry if this fabric shelf will be broken and throw your things away. You just need to consider in mind that this shelf is a special shelf. You only can put the small things in there. Just for the sweet touch for your room. This fabric shelf wall has the reel that can allow the changes of the shape frequently, anytime and anywhere. You just have to paste it in your wall, put some things in there and voila it will give you a futuristic and bright feeling right in your room.

This fabric shelf only requires a small and low maintenance. You just have to wash the fabric once the fabric looks dull. For a daily or weekly routine you just have to keep the dust away and wipe the cane and the reel frequently by the dry cloth. It’s so easy, right? You do not have to make a big time for the cleaning of your shelf. You just have to clean this fabric shelf just as you clean up the dust in your desk.


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