An apartment can be described as a unit of a house which is a part of a home which is also known as the residence or the apartment. The size of the residence depends on the landlord, because he may use it for own use or giving it for rent. But there is a basic agreement that is accepted everywhere. That is the apartments can be defined as one bedroom residence or two bedroom apartment and more.

The common question still asked about one bedroom apartment that what it is. The accurate definition of 1 bedroom is different in different places because of the features are different in various places. Commonly the 1 bedroom residence is normal to have a bedroom, a drawing room, kitchen also with a washroom. The other appearances differs from other because of the owners how made their apartments.

And also the place is a main point .as in a case the studio apartment has one bedroom residence which would combine with the bedroom, drawing room and the kitchen also with a place called the living area. Though it has an isolated bathroom. In some place The 1 bedroom residence also has full furnished with whole kitchen supplies, bedroom furniture’s and even storerooms. The choice to make between a 1 bedroom flat and a 1 bedroom studio flat gives people a hard time to take decision. Because they are very confusing.

The studio flats is an amazing place for single or couples. Because a couple or a single people want to stay here because of the independence and the drawing space and in various places studio apartments are cheaper than the 1 bedroom flats.
But if a family person is taking decision to stay with family then for them the 1 bedroom flat is a safe and best. Because it has different spaces and privacy are greatly maintained here. The one room apartment is best option for families. They can stay here without any problem of space or privacy. But in studio apartment no privacy no space for families with childrens.