What will you see in this design is the coziest houses in 2013. The houses are categorized into rustic rough wood house in vintage touches, remote mountain chalet in luxurious side, small stone cottage, rustic and modern combination in mountain house, Maison Boisset with larch panels interior, elegant rustic apartment, and joyful silver lake house.

To start with what you might wander, we have rustic rough wood house with an old-fashioned touch. All in this house is decorated with vintage ambience. You cannot deny the warm feeling that is offered with those homey home décor. There is an isolated chalet with beautiful interior and exterior designs. This chalet is located near the mountain that looks so airy. One more house in the mountain is the modern house that collaborates rusticity and modernity in all designs of interiors and exteriors.

Small stone material is made a cottage that will remind you of the small house had by the Hobbit. This house accentuates more simple designs that what many houses do not. More materials that are natural are used to accentuate natural tone for your house. An elegant rustic apartment is made from wood. There is also Maison Boisset with its larch panels as home interiors. If you want to have more freshness for your house and its surroundings, then a joyful environment can be created just like this lake house. Isn’t nice?


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