A luxurious Church of St. Martin in London is a rich building that has the unexpected window. In is really an extra-ordinary window with unique design. Different to the other windows, this Warped Window is designed in big size. It is placed in front of Church platform. It also has amazing design with cross line combination in vertical and horizontal.

This Warped Window has peculiar model design with the visual charismatic. It was a good project from the talented visual artist named Shirazeh Houshiary. Behind the abstract mirror in the window, there is combination of vertical and horizontal line. The vertical and the horizontal line are highlighted in the shape of plus (+). Then, the combination line is in one point of circle. Then, the circle point becomes the connector between the vertical line and horizontal line.

The circle point in the center of Warped Window gives beautiful visual effect from the sun light. It can be a spectacle from the indoor or outdoor. With the conspicuousness of Warped Window
, the Church of St. Martin has special attention of a modern Church in luxurious building with good architect and the beauty of Warped Window. It also gives special inspiration for Christian who worships in the Church.


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