Things shaped in round represents borderless sensation. That what makes Italian brand, Arper, created the Bowl Chair. It was authentically designed by Lina Bo Bardi in 1951 but Arper made it again in the same philosophical background. Lina Bo Bardi picturized the Bowl Chair for the first time as something universal and central in shape but also very adaptable in its structure. Of all those magical advantages, Bo Bardi wanted to underline that everything is designed based on one thing, how that designed “thing” can have a bounding with human beings.

So, as what Bo Bardi wanted it to be, Arper made it by that basic premise, to have a contact with human beings, so, here is what Arper created. Arper succeeded to manage the Bowl Chair entering the contemporary home furniture. One of innovative moves that Arper has a change on Bo Bardi’s chair design is like how the casing of the upholstered seat is in lightweight plastic. It is very different from the original that has hand-forged iron which cannot suit the demand of modern society nowadays who wants to be very practical and efficient.

The Bowl Chair is relaunched in a very colorful option for its devotees. Thus, you can have the Bowl Chair based on your own color preferences, or if you want to mix-match and decorate the rooms and you want this chair placed there. Every possibility for this chair just happens as one thing that Arper wants, your simplicity on valuing arts.


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