After long holiday, new years, new trend and new fashionable and innovative design are coming. With holiday sparkle, you can start in makeover your house with best fashionable and innovative design.

living room with turquoise accentsby Fave Design Group

Just like other years, in 2014 there will be more brilliant new patters, textures, colors and styles.

Relaxing With Enjoying the Atmosphere around Colors

Giving neutral background color, do not mean if you always focus on white or cream color. You can use some brilliant colors to enliven a cool contemporary. It will be perfect and fashionable.

accents and colors swapby Caitlin Wilson

throw pillows and rug for color addby Marie Burgos Design

Combining Vintage Style with Retro

If you want to make your house become really unique, you can add some vintage. It becomes a new desire of vintage art where so many people like it. you can find vintage things with doing a trip in local antique show or flea market.

interior vintage style

Other beautiful design will remember you in 60s and 70s, it called retro because it also can make you feel its presence. If you are belonging to a people who like old accent, you will like this design. This also will be great for you who want to take a rest with nostalgia and old era which has long gone.

contemporary decor with retro look

by maison21

kitchen with retro lookby Old World Kitchens & Custom Cabinets

Gloomy Neutrals as a Background

You can take some advantages in decorating your room of you use neutral color as a background. It can make your home become modern and elegant with public spaces. Don’t forget to change the aura as we discuss before by simply switch the accent. Grey is the only great color that can keep the trend out 2014. Different shades of grey will make you exchange easily between hot and cold.

neutral setting with colors and contrast

bedroom with grey white and blueby Chris Snook

intimate setting with dark grey colorby Black N White House

Metallic Glint

If you want make another innovative combination then combining mixing and matching the design. It will be more beautiful in combining the bolt and silver to decorate your room. It called Golden sparkle of brass. It become the most popular topic that spoken by people. So, if you like a shine of metallic, it is the time for you to make it become true.

golden hues to create warmthby Domicile Interior Design

relaxing bedroom with brass

Combination of Graphic Pattern and Bold Print

Using a Exquisite wall murals as a background is the perfect choice in making your room become amazing. Don’t be afraid in giving some color bold printing that always makes you love it.

wall mural show

white and grey bold wolf wallpaper

Blues and Purples Combination Produce Beauty fashionable Design

Blue and purple will never out from the mode, because both colors are the most color that liked by woman and man. Blue can give an invigorate nuance even both colors has already chosen as Radiant Orchid color 2014.

purple accent for living room wall

using blue shades as color combination

white and dark blue classy bedroom

Timeless Designs

If you want to make a timeless appeal, it will be great if you combining some of the Mild-Century icons, such as: Earners Lounger with your own decoration.

iconic floor lamp complements the roomby Becki Peckham

lounger with endless design

Making Something New with Curve Ball

This is a new design for you who bored with any straight lines which were around you, you can take and choose a circle bed or others in your home then begin to decorate your room. You will find new great decoration in 2014 that called by “circular”

romantic round bedroom with torch

Adding or using flowing curves as your coffee table’s foot will give you different style but simple.

hot curve for interior design

Green Minimalism

Minimalism usually called as an ultra-modern style which can make futuristic and good design that loved by people. It also can become a part of an integral. Next year so many people will like solar power and some system like grey water even heating strategies.

solar energy completes the designby Arkin Tilt Architects

simple and clean interior designby Design First Interiors

New year is not only about starting something new but also it about giving yourself a new chance in expressing your real identity.

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