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Gardens and lawns are much adored and wanted by everyone at their place. Mostly people are inclined towards nature’s beauty and greenery near to their place or at their place.
A new concept of Terrace gardens have come up in past years, they are easy to maintain & looks great and give a unique style quotient to your gardens and lawns.
How to add beauty to your gardens take a note of the styling tips.
A simple bunch of plants and levelled grass can look great in Terrace garden. You need not to spend handsomely to get one. You just need to add different levels and make them look like a stair case.
Terrace Garden
Terrace Garden1
If you have a room above that has a balcony view of the garden, think of creating a terrace garden as it look marvelous from the upstairs. Use plants in alternate positons and create any style you want. Use marbles and other stones to give garden look.
terrace garden 4
terrace garden 5
Use variety of plants at different heights to get the desired look with natural stone placed at the square or like zig-zig pattern.
terrace garden 6
If your garden is at your place and at below the ground level, you can create a symmetrical look by giving them a stair case and using plants in the same order.
You can use grass on the steps of staircase that adds beauty more to staircase and makes them soft and comfortable for sitting as well.
Terrace Garden7
If you want more original garden, then don’t follow angles or shapes, go for fluid design and create one garden with a chair to get the charm of your garden.
Terrace Garden8
You can also create a slope in your garden with the use of big rocks or stones placed to form a heap or a pathway. Such placements look really natural thus giving original look to terrace garden.
Terrace Garden9jpg