The kitchen is the workhouse committed to the maintenance of our very existence. It is a source to our energy and nourishment. It is the heart of a ‘home sweet home’. With this in mind, an Italian design company specialized in designing kitchens-‘Tecnocucina’ is here to showcase their products and experience.

They are quite an experienced bunch. They have a team of dedicated designers, engineers and architects who work to serve you with latest innovations, functional and beautiful kitchens. The designs are modern as we expect it to be as well as classy and elegant. With all this in view, ‘freshome’ is here to help and inspire you with the “22 kitchen ideas from ‘Tecnocucina’” so that you can also build your dream kitchens and enjoy it to the fullest.

Coming to the ideas provided by ‘Tecnocucina’, the first thing that we can see is that they use colors as their main ingredient in the designs. The 22 ideas are very unique with different colors used in each kitchen. The use of wood, stainless steel etc gives that neat and elegant look that we always want and they have that Italian flavor attached.

This design firm clearly stresses on lighting. They know how important lighting is to showcase something at its full potential especially something like a kitchen. Natural light, unusual lamp shades, luminous patterns behind objects etc are neatly integrated with almost all the kitchen ideas. Blue lights, white lights, light patterns under the sink or other appliances and beautiful lamp shades constitute an integral part in their designs.

Large floor plans are also provided which are ideal for family gatherings stressing on the practicality aspect of design. Similarly, the practicality aspect of ‘Tecnocucina’ designs is easily noticed by the use of storage spaces, large accommodating cabinets, large windows etc. The use of wood and marble counter tops, stainless steel looks classy, rich and impressive.

The designs are ergonomic with contrasting colors as well as color accents like green, blue, red etc. Some ideas also include various textures and patterns which prevent the kitchen looking monotonous. The flooring is mainly black or white marble or rich wood with wooden finish cabinets as well as elegant stainless steel. Appliances used are top notch with stainless steel wall mounted ovens, sinks, dual dishwashers, impressive primary ovens and every other kitchen amenities. Every idea has something unique and just looks the part.

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