Having a house that looks like surreal dream spot can be very interesting – not to mention very unique and stylish. The house has it all: from the elements of wood, marble, and tiles to the various kinds of decors and accessories.

This apartment is called as the Surreal Steampunk and it is located in Chelsea, New York city. The apartment covers around 1,800 square feet area, including two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and other functional rooms. Not only this apartment delivers surreal feeling, it also combines steampunk and industrial retro element as well. Certainly, there is no other place like this in other parts of the world. Every inch of the apartment shows personal retro design that brings strong impressions. From the moment entering it, anyone will be so amazed.

This building is designed in semi private manner, with all the unique details. For example, when you first enter the spot, you will face the front entry in submarine model, with working porthole and the keypad lock style. If you enter further – such as to the kitchen – you will see that the spot is equipped with high end and sophisticated equipments and appliances, as well as the stainless steel countertops for modern touch. You can also enjoy the concrete floor with unique programmable LED zeppelin system that will make the overall décor different from the others. In fact, when you come first to the place, you will feel as if you were entering one of the Jules Vernes fantasy spot. Then, walk to the bedroom and there is this unique setting bringing you to the world of fantasy.

All rooms are well decorated, but the bathroom remains ‘clean’ and free from the unique touches. But covered in marbles and with only small portion of wooden cabinets, the bathroom looks very fantastic as well as sophisticated and exclusive.

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