Summer parties are synonymous to great friends, late nights and good music. But, in order to make them memorable, proper planning and preparation is needed. A fun party doesn’t have to be exhaustive; you just need to plan in a smart way. The result should be so good that all your guests are completely satiated. If you want to have a fun-filled experience then when throwing a party you must have all the things under your control. You don’t have to elaborate with everything, just go with a simple but fun approach.

You may hope for a sunny day but you must prepare for rain too. People only prepare for sunshine and there’s nothing worse than an expected rain, never believe the forecasts they can be wrong, so must have a plan B in your mind. If things don’t go with your way, you can go along with your backup plan. Any covered area can be of help when things go wrong.
For a table runner you can use leftover wallpapers and wrapping papers so no extra cost would be incurred. Dress up the chairs in casual-cum-fancy way so they go along with the theme of your party. There’s no need for expensive arrangement, just simple decorations would do. You can also use seasonal flowers and herbs as decorations. Set up food stands and stock them with food and other things so your guests might not leave unstuffed.

Don’t spend your entire time playing bartender. Your outdoor wet bar should be set in such a way that it’s easy for your guests to make the drinks themselves. This would save you a lot of time and you can attend the other important matters and enjoy the party as well. Leave out garnishes in small yet decorative dishes, and a cooler full of ice with it so you can enjoy some fruits of your hard work as well.
Your insect repellants should be able to cover wide areas and regions, have a bucket full of repellants for your guests to use to protect themselves against all the insects.
Send invitations if you are going to invite more than 15 people. You must have enough chairs and tables for everyone.

Always be prepared for some extra guests if your party isn’t invite-only. Your lighting should be ambient, just hang strings of light on decks or over the fence, you can also use round-off bulbs as they give a very warm glow.
Your party decorations should be colorful and decorative, remember, it isn’t a black-tie event, it’s a party and that’s the vibe it should give. Don’t crank the speakers, they should not be blaring, no one would sit or stand near them if they are. Your speakers should be spread out in an even way at a moderate volume. If some of your guests have kids then you should prepare diversions for them so the adults can enjoy themselves.
The food you are going to present should be nice and eatable. If you’re planning to grill, remember that not everyone eats meat so you should have something for the vegetarians as well.

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