Now days, in case of an apartment design, it is developed in many designs. The popular one in the 21 century is futuristic apartment design. This is a design that uses the modern future vision to be created in a house or apartment. This style is usually loved by people that like everything that has a relation with technology. It is because the future has relationship with the development of technology. The futuristic design of a house or an apartment can make the member of the room feels like he or she is living in future era. This is now popular that most of people searching for.

Here is an example of futuristic apartment design that is designed by Bulgarian design studio BOZHINOVSKI DESIGN. This company created an interior for a private house which is placed in Bulgaria that has 80 square meters. This house realized in order of two love couple that wanted a stylish space, modern and stylish, warm and cozy but unusual. The table of this house is using a rope that give solid characteristic of the table and also light. The futuristic scheme comes from the combination of white, black and grey color combination. For the shapes, they are sleek and stream lined. It is become a futuristic masterpiece.

We can also design our own house with this futuristic apartment design. The example that has been described above can inspire us to decorate our house. Here are some basic directions and also some suggestions to make our own design look better in futuristic looks. First, we may color the wall first. It is because the wall color is important which can give a scheme as a background color. Second, we can put wall decoration that has futuristic characteristics after that we must consider about the interior to place in the room. Choose your color as your pleasure.

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