This Casa L is a beautiful retreating house that is situated high in hilly terrain with great view facing the lake. And since it also comes with big and open porch design, you can certainly enjoy the view while relaxing in your personal me-time moment. Of course you can also hang out with friends while enjoying the warm air.

The house is designed and created by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos and its exact location is in Federal District, Mexico. The house comes in three stories design and the solid structure just gives it away. There is this nice combination and blend of traditional and modern touch. The classic wooden – maybe bamboo –design looks great when paired up with the glass walls and the solid concrete. Marbles and granite are also included in the overall design, with greeneries surrounding the property.

The outdoor and the top deck are covered in rich dark wood floor, delivering exclusive and expensive look of the whole place. Combined with white furniture and the half roof wooden design, it is certainly airy, cozy, and also warm – not to mention also inviting and appealing. The living room is so inviting with dominant wooden elements combined with natural wall paint. And when it’s connected to the dining room, it serves as perfect place to spend times with the loved ones. Everything about this room gets more fabulous thanks to unique roof shape and nice lighting.

From the plush and cozy living room with its natural and earthy colors, you get to step out to the outdoor through the glass windows and doors. And even when you are outside, you can enjoy the solid feel of the wooden planks beneath your feet while being shaded by the tall trees. Everything about the place is warm, inviting, and homey. And the smart curves in the inside will also be a great hideout for you.

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