Are you looking for an office design that is both creative and inspiring? We found the exact example for you. It is an office that belongs to the Amsterdam-based Random Studio. The office is designed by XandL. The creative design that combines style and comfort draws many people attention. Let’s take a look!

The office applies planters with green plants on the interior to give fresh look and air for the office. Wooden material is also used to match the green plant and gives more natural look to the office. Mirror is applied to emphasize the beauty of the green plants. You can imagine how lovely to work with fresh green plant on the side. It is like working on the outdoor with nature surrounding. Glass windows on the roof bring natural light and heat to the interior of the office, so that the interior becomes brighter and warmer.

Cozy kitchen and dining place with wooden finishing and furniture is really comfy for employees to enjoy their break time. The subtle lighting makes the kitchen looks more lovely and relaxing. The working table with wooden boxy design provides a comfort working space and away from disturbance. It is really stylish and comfy office design, don’t you think? We hope it can inspire you to build one.


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