What would you say if you can live in this stunning home near the sea and located on the top of the cliff? Not only you get to see amazing views, you can also indulge yourself in this exclusive and stylish interior design. Such setting is simply perfect for any events including honeymoon and family holiday. Certainly, no one says no to this offer.

Carlos Gilardi designed this stunningly beautiful contemporary loft named as the La Perla Del Mediterráneo. The house is situated in Alicante, Spain, and it is facing the sea. Its on-the-top cliff spot enables you to enjoy the magnificent view as well as enjoying the fresh sea air. It covers around 4,540 square feet area and it was finished in 2013.

If you see the house from the front, you only see this tall structure that looks simple and plain. But when you get to the other side and see it from the back, you will see that this has its own curves – it even has its own swimming pool! The arrangement of the house is simple. It is actually coming in two stories design where the first floor is covered by the cliff, so you think that the house only comes in one story model. But when you get further into the house, you will see that there are layers hidden behind the rocky cliff that covers all the great aspect of the house.

The balcony is open and wide. You won’t only able to get plenty of sunlight, but you are also able to enjoy the beautiful sceneries. The swimming pool is facing the town below and the sea, so you can really get such marvelous sight when relaxing there. Outdoor terrace on the second floor that is connected to the pool will be the best place to enjoy sunrise and sunset. Take your time and enjoy your life.

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