This revolutionary contemporary design will amaze you with its authenticity. How can you imagine that tree branches and bark can be just as beautiful as many other modern lamps? Floris Wubben, a designer from Netherlands, made this inspiring floor lamp in a very natural approach. You will be thrilled to have this floor lamp.

Named Stripped lamp, this floor lamp combines the three branches and the peeled bark to wrap the lamp. Wubben tried so hard to make this floor lamp looks natural by exactly forming the exact form of branch on the top of the floor lamp. This floor lamp indeed shows how nature can be blended so brilliantly to make an innovative interior.

Placing it in your living room or bedroom, Stripped lamp indeed will create beautiful shades over your room. The atmosphere of nature just comes naturally into you room. It also feels like you are outside as well. How artistic! The fact that this is the floor lamp, it is ensured that the functionality of the lamp is just practically guaranteed. You can define your modern house with this minimalist floor lamp that has nature ambience. Isn’t amazing? Include this Stripped lamp into your home interior checklist!


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