The important thing in interior design is the presence of furniture. In addition of table and sofa, the other important furniture that becomes a must is storage place. This is used to safe and put any house stuff neatly. If you like decorate your house; you must be like the furniture design of Andreas Janson. The design is called stacked wood collection of Jo furniture collection. This storage place is really unusual of others, it is constructed of wood. If you often meet or buy usual shelves design with regularity and neat design, this stacked wood is really different, because it looks really invisible.

The design of stacked wood collection is really different by using any combination of woods. It is used with white and natural brown color of wood. This storage is arranged with small pieces of wood and it is available in any shapes and sizes of shelves. Your room space will be looks really cool with this storage place. since this shelves is constructed of small pieces of woods, it is really lightweight. You can move it easily from one room to another. There are some shapes you can choose, includes shelves with table shaped with legs, you can use it to put table lamp in living room or put any accessories. There is also a rack shaped like a sideboard or buffet. There are lots of storage places you can use, the shaped is invisible. You will also find a shape of shelve that can be hang on the wall.

This stacked wood collection has modern look and it is really unique. Besides of modern look, this design is also traditional in a same time. This creative design you can use as the smart solution to store your stuff. You will be different with this storage place style.

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