Light up your outdoor home with a sponge. By sponge, I mean an outdoor ceramic lamp designed by the brilliant and creative Miguel Angel Garcia Belmonte. It can be a great addition to your lawn, patio or any other part of your beautiful garden. It’s unique and versatile; once you get it you will fall in love with it.
You can easily use it anywhere in your garden. If you are looking for an outdoor lighting system to adorn your lawn then look no further, sponge trendy organic lamp is just the thing for you. It’s fascinating and will look perfect in your landscaped lawn.

The designer has explained the concept and inspiration that led to the creation of this sponge organic lamp behind the design in just a few words. According to the designer the light is absolutely fresh and new, there is no dazzling or marks. The light is warm and soothing and it seems like it is coming from a handcrafted pottery skin. The sponge consists of a sphere made of clay hence when the light comes through it, it lights up and becomes something more than just a mere lamp.

The lamp is not only a wonderful thing to look at, but you can also clean it easily. It looks very attractive. It will give your garden a lovely glow. And if you are throwing a party or an event this sponge trendy organic lamp will get your tons of compliments. This lamp will enrich the elegance and beauty of your garden and will give it an amazing look. Transform your garden into an instant classic with the help of this organic lamp. This lamp is so trendy that everyone will follow your footsteps and get one for their own garden as well.

This organic lamp resembles a sponge in the shape of a sphere. It has countless pores, hence making the name ‘sponge’ quite apt. It is a very innovative idea with absolutely no dazzles, marks and lumen. You can clean it easily, so you don’t have to worry much about its cleanliness. This trendy organic lamp is made with the help of clay and emits warm, soothing and wonderful light. Make your garden look an absolute heaven with the help of this sponge lamp. It will go along with your mulch too.

According to the designer it’s an unusual and unique clay piece with an awesome design which gives it a very special look despite its uneven surface. The sponge is only available in one color, that is, white, but it is available in many different sizes so you can choose the one which is the most convenient for your own lawn, patio or any other part of the garden. You don’t have to restrict its use though; you can also use it in your home as a decoration. It will give your home a warm and dazzling look. So, get one for your home or lawn.