There are some creative home decorations for your home. It seems that there should something as an addition to perfect your home design using a fancy ones. There are some Terrarium ideas for your right addition. This kind of decoration are like an aquarium, but it has a difference on its substance. If there are some some cutes fishes on the aquarium, whereas in the terrarium there are some kinds of mini plants which are also cute for the decoration.

Designed by a collaboration of Botanist like Katie Goldman Macdonald and Evan Kolker. This product becomes a good product for your home decoration. The first example is a Hanging Terrarium. There are some kinds of mini plants in the Terrarium and some holes for the plats respiration and sunlight absorption. The terrarium is made from a toughened glass like a round globe. You can hang it in your windows or porch to have a natural atmosphere.

The second is Eggloo Terrarium. The form is like a standing egg which you can put it in your living room table. Armadillo Terrarium is another example of terrarium which you can also put in your decoration rack. You can also have Kiwi and Manatee terrarium.


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