Many people are choosing the relaxing and comfortable style for the bedroom. That is because every people will surely want to have a nice sleep at night in his or her bedroom. Even so, some people are choosing the dark mysterious bedroom design for sleeping. The kind of design is usually chosen by people who like the eastern tradition, which is always full of mystery and mystic. If you also the kind of people that like the kind of design, maybe you can consider the Moroccan design for the mysterious bedroom of yours.

Even though the style is mysterious, does not mean that the furniture are full of mysticism. It is just the décor. The first thing that you might want to do to realize the style is changing the color of the bedroom into the dark colors. Dark green or dark red is one great color to choose. Another thing that you can do to realize the dark mysterious bedroom design is to use only few furniture for the room. The spacious impression from the minimum number of the furniture will give a lonely impression for the bedroom, especially if you are sleeping alone in the bedroom at night. The same thing goes to the décor. You should not use too many décor for the kind of design.

The last thing that you might want to do is to use the single hanging lamp. Using only a single lamp will give the shady impression for the dark mysterious bedroom design. Using the table lamp of the standing lamp is not recommended since that kind of lamp will not light the entire room. Even though the concept is mysterious, you still have to consider the health of your eyes if you are using the low lights level, especially when you have to look for something in the bedroom.

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