Kitchen has not been completed without refrigerator. As the common knowledge, refrigerator or fridge is an electric cabinet that has function to keep the foods in cool. It purposes to avoid the decomposition of some foods, oil, milk, juice, meals, vegetables, and fruit. Fridge also has the main function to freeze the water into the ice. So, refrigerator has important role in saving our foods. It also becomes the important element in the kitchen.

Beside of the general function of refrigerator, there is an amazing design for special refrigerator. Inspiring from fashion style of Italian, FAB 28 denim is applied as the cover of the refrigerator. This new fantastic design of Denim fridge is fridge design from Italian appliance company Smeg. This denim fridge is popularized by Retro FAB Refrigerator. The definition of this Denim fridge is about a fridge that is covered in denim materials. It has own colors of dark blue and dark gray as the main color of denim production. At the top, there are four letters of S-M=E-G that becomes the brand of the denim fridge. Then the letter E has special color combination of green, white, and red.

For you, denim lovers, I think this denim fridge is the best solution for you to have that. So, you are not only has ordinary collection of denim in pants, shirts, and jackets. Now, you can have and collect the denim product in an extra-ordinary refrigerator of Smeg (the denim fridge). Then, Smeg will give special sensation of refrigerator in your lovely kitchen.


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