To have an expansive kitchen with complete kitchen stuff is the wish of the most people, especially the housewives. Nevertheless, how if you only have a small kitchen in your house, but you need more kitchen storage space to keep your cooking stuffs? Some people definitely ever face this problem, right?. However, you do not need to worry anymore, because there are some inspirations to help you in organizing them. Actually, you do not need a wide space to accommodate them, only use all space in your kitchen, so you can overcome the problem.

There are some ways to create the kitchen storage space. You can make the best use of the ceiling, the wall or the hidden draw. First, if you only put the lamp on the ceiling it will be a little bit useless, because you can make it more useful by making storage on it for the pans. You can make a place to hang them, so they will not take many spaces which can be used to store the other tableware. The second is use the wall. It means that you have to fill the entire wall in the kitchen with the cabinets or the open shelves. You can also make the place for hanging some cooking utensils on the wall. The open selves also can be used to put some plates and cups.

The last is making the hidden draws. You can make it in the kitchen island, or under the kitchen table. You can store the seasoning and spices, or the small utensils inside the draws. Besides to ease you in taking them, it will look neat and well organized. Finally, by creating kitchen storage space, you can make your small kitchen feels cozy and easy to take the utensils when you are cooking.


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