Bathrooms are a place attraction for home buyers. The size, the space of the bathroom plays an important role in finalizing which home to take. A small bathroom is a huge let down for many. So, ‘freshome’ is here with some interesting ideas to spice up that small bathroom of yours. The small bathroom feels claustrophobic for many with the limited size and space. So what to do? Just follow the steps, the ideas, and the pictures.

First and foremost thing is to throw away any large fixtures, furniture and storage spaces for towels, tissues etc and opt for shelves that are open. Floating shelves adds a lot of character to a bathroom. It is much more functional and a utility based idea to jump upon. Retractable ladders can be used as storage spaces which will enhance the personality aspect of your bathroom. Colors are not an issue, so just make it colorful! Skirts on the sink can hide away anything like cleaning products which are not required to be seen.

Stack baskets which can be used as storage spaces underneath any space like washer units, cabinets etc, you can keep extra towels, hand towels here; another thing you can do is to minimize the countertop space. In short, make it compact and reject anything that is extra or tuck it under or behind something. These clever ideas will definitely help in space management.

Apart from changing and hiding the physical aspects and objects, you can make it airier just by playing with colors. Colors on a closed room can make a lot of difference. You need to choose the right color for the right room to make it attractive or else it will look just plain boring. Use of neutral colors as the base can easily provide depth and that much-needed openness inside a bathroom.

White can be used or rather it can be the best option as it is associated with cleanliness. It is applicable here because a bathroom is a highly hygienic place. Use of different textured walls or patterned marble floors can also diminish the monotonous taste and instantly provides depth to the whole bathroom. You can also keep colorful towels and objects contrasting the base color. It improves the whole character quite a lot.
All in all, just keep in mind that functionality is a key aspect in any design especially for something like a bathroom.