Here is another description of small apartment just like the others we’ve described. But this one is very much different from the other apartments by the bare brick walls. The apartment is placed in New York, NY.

It is only 325 square feet. But size is not matter for this apartment. You will be amazed with its decoration. The interior decoration is quite amazing. The apartment has four large windows on both in the northern and the southern side.

This helps to allow to enter sunlight throughout the whole day. You can say owner has decorated the apartment with his own mind. The bare brick walls are not supposed to be a pleasant design that can be applied anywhere.

This design needs certain space and certain condition. For example, in a dark space the bare brick walls would only make the room more dark and unpleasant. But in this apartment the designer has created own design with space. They generated a warm and welcoming decoration. The bare brick walls has been designed combined with the kitchen very nicely.

The bricks are also has been used very smartly in the bedroom. However, the living room, designed with pink walls. Though it’s not a light color, this color shade can be mix and match with every color and shades.

In this apartment the interior decoration with the bare brick wall is seriously very lucrative. The living room also designed with a calm and cheerful decoration.

The most amazing thing of this apartment is the storage system. You will find only one closet in the apartment and it’s in the kitchen. But there are no closet in other rooms. But extra storage system has made in the furniture’s by making space in them, like space inside the sofa, under the bed etc.

This is a beautiful example of managing spaces in tiny apartments. There are Shelves which are functional and can be easily managed in any room.

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