With the change of life style living is also diversified by different residential components. Container Guest House is a decorated recycled shipping container with a large sliding door in front and windows at one side. Inside walls are made of wood for comfort of the room. Adam Kalkin, an architect from New Jersey made his own house using recycled shipping containers which cost him less than USD 1000.

Architect Marcio Kogan made his maritime shipping containers home in a very short time and the elements were assembled very easily. Even famous coffee shop Starbucks thought about shipping containers for their business purpose. Patrick Partouche used cargo containers for bigger project here. This huge structure is well decorated with modern furniture and big windows made the house comfortable with light and air.

Containers of Hope, home by Benjamin Garcia Saxe are a beautiful and modern structure with combination of comfort and style made this house really gorgeous. House in El Tiemblo having all modern facilities is a signature of trend and comfort. Ecotech designed a modern interior in their house in Mojave Desert. Using five normal containers a lovely home was built for a family where all facilities are comforting the people. Shipping containers turned to a huge firm. Unique work place, well equipped for the employees of Lab Inc.Eco-Friendly Crossbox house is a low cost project of two storey building made of four containers in a duplex style by CG Architects.

Jure Kotonik designed a week house in a very low cost and easy movable way. Private cabin of Alterra beach resort are made of containers for outdoor relaxation. An unique restaurant designed by Jean Nouvel used glass and timber frame for the structure along with shipping containers. Shopping mall of London also used diversified use of recycled containers. Rooms of Hafencity hotel is the example of German architecture made of the same material merely like a cabin of ship. New Zeeland also owes a mall made of containers with 27 stores.

Caravan of New Zeeland added another dimension of shipping containers which was turned into a interactive media room. Large cargo container was used to build the winghouse for a simple house. Jason Welty shows an elegant house made of industrial containers. Container Summer house using Supertherm (ceramic paint) is a modern, comfortable place in a very hot sunshine. Tommy Hilfinger was branded by a current structure made of cargo containers also.