Can imagine how if you live a house surrounded by mountainous? I am sure that it can be the best place to live in. That house is going to serve you a place where you need individual time for you yourself or with your family. And you can find that idea through this post. Here, we show you the shining mountain retreat close to Lake Tahoe that gives warm circumstance.

You are able to notice that the exterior of the house is made of wood and glass. In the front elevation, you can feel the warm natural house which blends with environment. In addition, the interior is great with the use of stone. So, you can feel the dense connection among the natural environment, wooden exterior, and the stony interior.

This kind of retreat will work for you at the snowy day. It gives you warmth by the use of affectionate lights. And you can enjoy the beauty of the snow through the glass windows and doors. You should see the detail of this retreat to find the nice inspiration for your won. Let your eyes to see the pictures below!

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