It’s summer to be happy about! When you transform yourself with matched outfits during the season rotation, it’d better to also give a change a bit to the look of your house. Here are some inspirational ideas for you to check out. We are going to have a little make over to your house based on the current season; the hot and interesting summer. The nice view is also inspired by everyone’s dream of owning a personal house nearby the beach. Everything you will have later is overwhelmed with summer-inspired, shabby and sea touches. The décor is easy and affordable.

Shabby and sea touches give you main certain points to concern about. You are going to celebrate the summer while always going back to nature inserting some seaside-themed furniture. It has to be popped out in full simplicity yet able to give elegance and comfortable sense. The keys are in the furniture and color choices. The living room is going to be the biggest, center area of the house. Have a very broad window leading you to outside world. Paint the wall in white, while the couch is made from rattan and the table accessories are set in light blue.

The dining room will also go natural. The wall is, too, painted in white. But, give some wooden blocks accent on the wall. The dining chairs have modern style with the color white, while the table is wooden-topped and supported by turquoise single leg. Your bedroom will contain wooden dressers, and the family room is brighten up with red stripes rug. To bring up still a luxurious feel along with these shabby and sea touches, set your kitchen furniture in solid, shiny black. Most favorite place is the balcony with two sunbathing red chairs along with the blue wall. Terrific!